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QUOTA Release Peg

Knights of the Apex

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QUOTA Release Peg
QUOTA Release Peg
QUOTA Release Peg

We collaborated with Quattro Archery (Quattro + KOTA = QUOTA) to design a more ergonomic, lightweight and durable thumb peg. 

The QUOTA is machined from aluminum and coated in Cerakote. The slider bracket allows you to place the peg exactly where your thumb naturally comes to rest at anchor and the peg itself can be rotated 360 degrees. The concave face of the peg provides a tangible and consistent index point even when wearing gloves. 

The QUOTA is designed to conform your hand not force your hand to conform to your trigger.

The QUOTA is compatible with the following manufacturers handheld thumb trigger style releases:

- Carter 

- Truball

- B3/Scott Omega Series

- Spot Hogg


** PLEASE NOTE** Because of the wide variety of release models manufactured over the years we cannot guarantee the QUOTA will work with every model ever produced by the above manufacturers but they will work with the vast majority of models produced over the last several years.

Additionally, we do not recommend you use the QUOTA on Nock On/Carter Silverback or equivalent thumb safety/back tension style releases simply because the force exerted by some shooters can bend the adjustable release arm over time. 

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