QUOTA Release Peg

Knights of the Apex

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QUOTA Release Peg
QUOTA Release Peg
QUOTA Release Peg
QUOTA Release Peg

We collaborated with Quattro Archery (Quattro + KOTA = QUOTA) to design a more ergonomic, lightweight and durable thumb peg. 

- Adjustable bracket with self locking nut

- 360 degree rotational peg with one flat concave face

- Machined from aluminum

- Coated in a tungsten Cerakote

- Now shipping with imperial hardware and two crush washers. 

- Compatible with most Carter, Truball, B3/Scott and Spot Hogg handheld trigger releases

The slider bracket allows you to place the peg exactly where your thumb naturally comes to rest at anchor. The QUOTA is designed to conform your hand not force your hand to conform to your trigger.

** PLEASE NOTE** for safety reason we do not recommend using the QUOTA or any other adjustable thumb peg on Nock On/Carter Silverback or similar back tension style releases. 

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