Easton Bully vs. Bohning Blazer Vanes

AJ Iaquinta

Recently Easton sent me some of their new Bully Parabolic vanes to try along with their new 6.5 Bowhunter arrows. I've also been running the Bully Boattails on my Axis Match Grade arrows the past few months and since I started messing around with these vanes I've been consistently asked how they compare to Blazer vanes.

The profile of the Bully parabolic and Blazer vanes are nearly identical with the Bully's being slightly shorter despite many sites reporting them both as being 1.56 inches tall. Performance wise I can't tell a difference in my groups between the two but I do like the material of the Bully's a bit more.

Easton used a stiffer and smoother material in the Bully vanes which makes them fly a bit quieter. My Dude Kyle of DCA Custom Arrows has a great video on his YouTube channel comparing the noise profiles of these vanes and several others if you haven't seen that already so be sure to check that out.

The Bully's also seem to be more consistent and durable than the blazers. I've fletched hundreds of Blazer vanes and you always get a few in a pack that are bent to crap or out of spec. I haven't found that with the Bully's yet. As far as durability, I was having some clearance issues with my cables recently and somehow I didn't notice it until the end of my shooting session when I realized a number of my vanes were scuffed up and some were even warped. Despite this visible damage they all continued to group well even out to 100 which is probably why I didn't notice they were making contact sooner.

When you shoot arrows in tight groups for long enough you're bound to tear a vane or send an arrow through one eventually. Knock on carbon, I haven't had that happen to a Bully vane yet. They have quite a few scuffs and marks where it's clear they were hit but no tears or holes.

Now Blazer vane do have their advantages. For one you can find them in pretty much any store archery gear is sold and they don't require a primer pen to install them. But the Bully's offer a great option if you like the Blazer profile but might benefit from a slightly shorter, quieter, and more durable vane. Or you are like me and you just like playing with new kit...

You can buy Bully vanes directly through Easton's website:

And here is the link to DCA Custom Arrows Vane Video:

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