Easton Deluxe Compound/Recurve Roller Bow Case Review

AJ Iaquinta

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This is easily the most requested piece of gear I am asked to review. Every time this case makes the smallest of appearances in the background of a photo or video I can count on DM’s and comments asking about it and my response has been the same; “I am loving it but need to test it more before officially make a recommendation.". The reason for that a bow case is an item you trust the life of your bow to and by proxy your hunt. That's a serious thing! Most people can't just buy or tune another bow if they arrive at camp and realize their rig was totaled by TSA. Two years of continued use and abuse, about a dozen flights and many hunts later I am confident I can give a fair review and confirm that the Easton Deluxe Compound/Recurve Roller Case (shorten the name next time Easton...) is one of the best investments I have made in my kit.


  • Advanced wheeled compact travel case for compound/recurve bows.
  • Triple field-replaceable roller bearing wheels.
  • Double seatbelt system to securely anchor bows.
  • Three internal accessory pockets.
  • Compatible with Easton Deluxe 33″ and 36″ Arrow Cases (sold separately)
  • Case-cube compatible interior fleece hook-and-loop lining with seatbelt strap bow retention system.
  • Hybrid hard/soft shell 360º perimeter protection for maximum content protection.
  • Airline Travel Cover recommended (also sold separately).

Before we get into the review it’s DISCLAIMER TIMEEEEEE (sung in Pauley D’s operatic voice #JerseyShoreThrowback #NevaFahget). As far as my relationship with Easton goes, I am a Pro Staff shooter for Easton through KOTA and Knights of the Apex is supported in various ways by both Easton and their broadhead subsidiary SEVR. They were the first companies to support what we do here and the first I ever signed with. I really like all of the guys and gals I know over in Salt Lake City (location of Easton’s headquarters) and have developed some friendships through our professional relationship. I was admittedly an Easton fan boy long before signing with them and I do feel a loyalty to them but that has never stopped me from providing blunt feedback on their products or experimenting with other companies offerings and even using them if they suited a particular need better. On the contrary, we are often harshest on those we care about and that applies to my favorite brands as well as my unfortunate loved ones. That being said, I pay for most of the gear you see in videos posts and reviews and I purchased my Easton case months before signing with them so take that for what it is worth. I liked this case when I bought it and before I ever knew anyone at Easton and it has endured the test of time and continues to be my favorite case for flights and longer travel. 

Now if you have been following Knights of the Apex at all you have no doubt seen that I also own an SKB iSeries Bow case and Pelican hard case. You may be wondering why then I purchased the Easton? I decided to purchase this case after several frustrating experiences traveling through airports in New York and Florida which is where I either live or have family and thus tend to fly the most. My SKB case does an excellent job protecting my bow and is my go to case for road trips where I will be throwing it in and out of the back of trucks and need to access my bow and a few arrows easily or in a hurry. But that is about all the case is capable of holding. So anytime I traveled I usually needed to check two bags plus my carry on even if it was for a quick weekend trip. With baggage fees as exorbitant as they are even a cheap flights became costly affairs. Adding inconvenience to financial injury, we unfortunately live in a time when the average person is less knowledgeable about guns and more concerned with when they will be used in the next active shooter event. The SKB’s resemblance to a tactical hard case tends to draw extra attention and this only became worse after the shooting events in Ft. Lauderdale in 2017. When I would go to check my case it was rare that the airline staff behind the counter knew how to process my bow. More often than not they were unfamiliar with the applicable laws and restrictions, deferring to a manager to inspect the case and contents. Some fifteen to thirty minutes later (if I was lucky) a Manager would arrive, open my case, inevitably screw up my delicate packing job, and either wonder why he was called over in the first place or be just as perplexed as his subordinates and request for yet another supervisor to assist. As if I could possibly go all homicidal Legalos! It takes me 10 seconds to load and send an accurate arrow on a good day. Not the most practical murder weapon and I guarantee if this were ever tried someone would notice… Anyway, the few times I encountered this were enough for me to seek alternative modes of transporting my bow more discretely. Enter the Easton Compound Roller Case. I first saw John Dudley using the same case on some of his live feeds and videos. Between all of the extra storage and discreet exterior I decided it was worth a try.

The exterior is discreet especially when paired with the Travel case (more on this later). On the inside this case has more storage space and organization than my SKB and other hard cases. I purchased the smaller 3615 case which is the smaller of the line and even still I can comfortably and securely pack 18 arrows, my bow emergency kit, stabilizers, toiletries, smaller electronics such as Go-Pro’s chargers, Ozonics, my med kit, bow and my base or some mid-layers and a thicker jacket. My one regret was not opting for the larger 3915 case so I could also fit my boots in the case but my existing package comes in between 40-50lbs fully loaded which works out perfect for avoiding overage fees with most US airlines.

Easton recommends pairing the case with the Travel Cover and I agree. You can see from the below photos my cover has taken the bulk of abuse but the case itself remains fresh and shiny like new.

Compound/Recurve Roller Case Travel Cover Features:

  • Custom tailored for specific roller bowcase models.
  • Compression-molded semi-rigid bottom.
  • Premium #10 zippers for maximum strength.
  • Double wide buckled straps for extra security.
  • ID card slot.

I have used this case for flights back and forth to New York, Boston, Salt Lake City, Kansas City, and have yet to have an issue checking it with any airline even after being asked what was inside. From a risk based approach I think the staff generally recognizes the plethora of zippers, straps and lack of menacing appearance of both the case and myself are enough to mitigate any concerns that the contents are in some way nefarious. Never have I arrived at my destination and found any disturbance to the contents such as nocked sights, rests, etc… I can pack it and forget it until it is time to gear up and send it. The one downside to all of this security is that the combination of case and travel cover make it less than quick to access the contents once everything is stowed away. This is why I typically opt to take the SKB hard case for road trips and shorter outings. Overall the lack of accessibility is a small price to pay for the peace of mind, security, organization, and capability gained by  the Easton Deluxe Compound/Recurve Roller case and Travel Cover.

Between the travel cover ($84.99), case ($299.99) and arrow case ($22.99) the entire rig will set you back around $400.00 which is competitive with other high end airline rated hard cases. The Easton has the added benefits of added organizational features, and room to pack, and will save you from a lot of quizzical looks and nonsensical questions. I won’t pretend this is cheap by any means but you can usually find one or all of these items on sale either directly through Easton or other dealers like Lancaster Archery. Easton actually is running a $100 off sale on the 3615 on their website right now so you can get this entire package for right around $300. Check them out at the link below.

UPDATE: Announced at ATAT 2020 in Indianapolis, IN Easton has updated the Travel Case now named the "BowTrunk". The new design utilized a Cordura material that is 3X stronger than the previous case eliminating the need for the protective cover. The wheels and zippers have also received a redesign to toughen them even further. The exterior pocket now grants access to the interior compartments. And they have added additional reinforced grab handles for easy carrying. These updates are limited to the larger 4716 model but may be extended throughout the lineup in the future. Check out more at the link below.


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