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AJ Iaquinta

There are so many companies throughout the outdoor and hunting industries putting out amazing gear that it can be overwhelming and frankly expensive to change over to a new clothing system or even experiment with a new camouflage. So we decided we would create a family of articles we call “First 3” for those hunters and adventurers like us who value quality gear and want to try something new but aren’t willing to gamble on niche products. In these articles we ask companies what 3 pieces of gear they recommend new customers try first in order for them to get the best understanding of their brands strengths and an overall vibe for what they bring to the table.

The first company we approached was First Lite (we really need to stop saying first…) and they were more than willing to provide us with their recommendations;

Wick 150 Crew Long Sleeve


The Wick 150 Crew Long Sleeve is designed as “next to skin” layers and utilizes 17.5 micron, ultrafine Merino wool and 150gsm jersey knit fabric with mesh vent panels. The combination of the naturally odor absorbent and breathable  Merino Wool combined with the jersey knit fabric and vent panels makes for a base layer that quickly wicks sweat, allowing for a more consistent core temperature. This should be the purpose of any base layer. A lot of people (myself included) tend to go too heavy with their next to skin clothing thinking it will keep them warmer. The problem with this is that heavier clothing tends to be less efficient at drying. Meaning that if you do sweat that heavy base layer is going to retain moisture for longer potentially causing your core temperature to drop once you do stop moving and thus making you cold. Instead, your next to skin layer should be a lighter material which will wick moisture faster and dried by the air or absorbed into your outer layers and away from your skin. In effect keeping your core regulated.  

Getting back to the specs on this piece, the Wick LS Top also features modified raglan sleeves. I didn’t know what sleeves were either but basically it moves the seams from their typical positions on the tops of the shoulders where they would normally be under backpack shoulder straps, to a less intrusive position that won’t dig into your skin. The sleeves also feature cuff thumb loops for easier layering.

Wick Long Boxer Brief

Like the Wick 150 Crew Long Sleeve the Wick Boxer Briefs feature the same 150gsm Merino Aerowool material that First Lite is known for. And just like the long sleeve crew, when worn as a next to skin base layer this material will help keep you odor free and temperature consistent. The long boxer brief features a 10” inseam. This might be TMI but we are fans of the longer brief designs since most of us have thicker legs. The brief design helps cut down on bunching of the boxers or chaffing of our legs.  

Obsidian Merino Pant

The Obsidian pants are made from silent, odor resistant, and comfy Merino (noticing a pattern here…). The pants are crafted in conjunction with First Lite’s proprietary stretch Merino/nylon which moves with your body. This material features reinforced rip-stop nylon woven into the Merino for added strength and durability. The woven Merino design has no UV signature meaning that these pants won’t shine in bright sunlight. The Obsidian pants come with suspenders and like the rest of First Lite’s Merino products they are designed to dry quickly when hung on a branch or line. All of these features add up to a pant that is ideal for early and mid-season hunts and can be worn in conjunction with other layers for those late season “hurry up and wait” style adventures.

So there you have it our First 3 article brought to you courtesy of First Lite. We put in an order for some of the products we talked about above so look out for continued updates and feedback on this site as well as our IG and Youtube channels. For more information about First Lite and their products you can check out their website provided below.


Happy Hunting,


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