KOTA Joins Easton and First Lite

I am proud to announce that Knights of the Apex has its first partners in Easton and First Lite. Both are companies whose ethos and vision align with our own and whose products we have chosen time and time again long before we were considered "Pro Staff". So I consider it an honor to officially be considered part of their teams. Both organizations are dedicated to the progression of archery, bowhunting, and the outdoor iundustry and through these relationships KOTA will be able provide even greater insight into their efforts products. 



Easton is a company that has been a part of my archery life from the very beginning and long before there was a KOTA. I remember being a little kid watching my Dad send camouflage XX75 2315's at a an old deer target in our backyard. It was a hammy down set of Axis 5mm 300 spine that were my first set of legit arrows and the ones I killed my first archery buck with. Though my setup has evolved with time the Axis 5MM's remain my workhorse arrow. As for Dad, he is still flinging aluminum down range but now he is on Team FMJ. So the Easton connection runs deep and the opportunity to partner with them is almost surreal. 

Current Setup:

5mm Axis 300

27 1/4" long Nock to Broadhead

100 grain Deep Six field point OR SEVR Broadhead 

RPS Deep Six Insert

Bohning Arrow Wraps

(6) Nock On AAE PM 2.0 vanes

Easton X Nocks OR Knock Out Lighted Nocks



First Lite

Though First Lite has been around since 2007 I was only introduced to them the past few years. They have quickly become one of my favorite companies in the industry for a whole host of reasons. I first saw their products in some YouTube videos a few years back but it wasn't until a Full Draw Film Tour event in 2018 that I had a chance to check out their gear first hand. At the time I was also looking to upgrade my seriously outdated and under performing clothing system and I was immediately impressed by the unique yet pragmatic design of their gear and the quality of materials used in their construction.

I quickly reached out to First Lite via their social media to see if they would be willing to provide their recommendations for our first ever "First 3" article and they promptly responded. Knights of the Apex had maybe 100 followers at the time but their social media rep was gracious enough to respond to my inquiry. Out of both admiration of their products and appreciation for their generosity I started my First Lite collection with a small order of some Wick Aerowool pieces. Though my collection has grown significantly these three pieces continue to be a foundation for my system regardless of the endeavor. 

Men's Wick LS Crew

Aerowool Neck Gaiter


Men's Wick Boxer Long

First Lite is one of a handful of companies leading the industry in terms of both product development and cultural innovation. It's common to see their name associated with industry outreach and education projects that are helping shape a more fruitful perception of hunting and the outdoor world. Their conservation efforts include partnerships with Pheasants Forever, The Theodore Roosevelt Foundation, Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, and National Wildlife Federation among others. 

Check out more about Easton and First Lite:


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