New Broadhead Models From SEVR

AJ Iaquinta

Adding to their lineup for 2019 SEVR just announced 3 NEW models  currently available for pre-order to begin shipping in July. These new models include the Ti 1.5, AP 1.7, and Ti 2.1 in 125g.⁣⁣

The new SEVR Titanium 1.5 is designed for increased penetration produced via its shorter ferule and narrower 1.5-inch blade diameter with a swept-back cutting angle. The Ti 1.5 is offered in 100 and 125-grain with 8-32 threads or in 100-grain for use with Deep-Six threads. I plan on putting these particular heads to use on some hogs come July. I've sent my 455 grain Easton Axis through a full size hog's shield at 38 yards but it didn't get a lot of penetration after that. It was enough to get into the vitals and drop the hog inside of 100 yards but I anticipate the new 1.5 head will be even more effective on these thick animals.  

The new AP 1.7 is designed with an intermediate cut diameter and blade angle and features a precision 7075-alloy ferrule with stainless-steel tip. This broadhead comes with a 1.7-inch cutting diameter, falling between the SEVR 1.5 and SEVR 2.1. This provides an optimal blend of cut width and penetration. Available in 100 grains with standard 8-32 threads. ⁣

The SEVR Titanium 2.1 was made for hunters seeking a premier product with maximum cutting diameter. SEVR Ti 2.1 cuts wider to exact the largest entry and exit wound in the SEVR lineup. Ti 2.1 is available in 100 or NEW 125-grain with standard 8-32 threads or in 100-grain for use in Deep Six threaded shafts. ⁣The 2.1's are what we took most of our kills with last year and we can't say enough about them. 

Those of you who follow Knights of the Apex here or on our Instagram account @knightsoftheapex know we have been a big fan of the SEVR's. Titanium ferule, practice mode, replaceable rear deploying lock-and-pivot blades, 2.1 inch cutting diameter, custom quantities, and direct to consumer sales model are all things we love. We've dropped a few animals with the Ti 2.1 in both 8/32 and DeepSix models over the past year and they have deployed and left massive wound channels every single time. For more on that check out our SEVR broadheads review at the link below.

SEVR broadheads are available now and sold exclusively at

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