New Release: SEVR Broadheads

AJ Iaquinta

Here at Knights of the Apex we have always been very apprehensive about mechanical broadheads, specifically because we have seen them take some pretty wonky deflections off of rib cages. That being said we do concede that their lower aerodynamic profile and often larger cutting diameter have obvious advantages. So we were highly intrigued when we saw the release of these new mechanical broadheads by SEVR. 

These things are loaded with features. The most notable of which being their trademarked and patented Lock-and-Pivot design. As the name implies, this design locks the blades open on impact creating a 2.1 inch cutting diameter. Once deployed the blades pivot together on the ferule allowing them to move like a seesaw, pivoting around objects like ribs and bone. The advantage of this being a mitigated influence on the arrows intended flight path when compared with other locking mechanical blade designs. See imbedded video below. Side note – we really love the Fruit Ninja style sound effects.

SEVR Lock-and-Pivot

Another feature we are excitedly anticipating is the trademarked and patented Practice Lock practice mode which keeps the blades locked and contained into the ferule, allowing you to practice with your actual broadheads. We’re big believers in “practice as you play”, especially when it comes to broadheads. It’s one of the other reasons we traditionally prefer fixed blades. We know a lot of brands offer “practice” heads which closely match the aerodynamic characteristics of their functional counterparts, but having the ability to practice with the actual head you are taking into the field really boosts confidence in your setup.

A few big names within the industry are already attached to these heads and have reportedly been using them for about a year. When we discovered that legendary archer Randy Ulmer was also attached to SEVR our attention certainly peaked. We heard Mr. Ulmer hinting at the development of a new broadhead several months ago on John Dudley’s Nock On Podcast. We assume these are the heads he was talking about. If you look back at the old Ulmer Edge you can certainly see some parallels in the design. Below, is a photo of the Ulmer Edge.

Ulmer Edge

In the below video, Mr. Ulmer discusses SEVR.

Another thing we like is SEVR’s distribution model which is exclusively online and allows consumers the option to select the exact quantity they want. This direct to consumer approach allows SEVR to circumvents the cost of offering their products through traditional retailers (similar to what KUIU has preferred to do). The ability to purchase these heads in whatever quantities you want also has its advantages because it allows you to experiment without investing $30 to $50 on a three pack of broadheads, which is what the average pack seems to be running these days. Price wise, a single broadhead will run you $13.99 before taxes and shipping. This seems more than fair given the patented design and Grade 5, billet-machined titanium ferule.

We have already Pre-ordered some heads to test and we’ll be sure to give you guys our first impressions and run them through a torture test ASAP. SEVR is currently only accepting pre-orders for their broadheads but all of their accessories, apparel and replacement components can also be purchased through their website.

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