Sure-Loc Carbonic & Fury Shipping June! (Allegedly...)

AJ Iaquinta

(UPDATE: 5/10/2019) is offering the Carbonic, Fury, and target scope accessories for pre-order with an expected shipping date of June. 

For over a year we have been hearing about Sure-Loc’s new sights the Carbonic and Fury. Now Sure-Loc have finally announced on their web site that these designs will drop June of this year. These sights were originally scheduled to be available in spring of 2018, then fall, then winter, and now June, but this time Sure-Loc has actually publicized the release on their homepage and we know everything on the internet is true so we are starting to get our hopes up. 

For those unfamiliar with this sight, the new design is dubbed the Carbonic after the sights unique carbon fiber wrapped dovetail, tower, and scope. For the design and features, Sure-loc reportedly solicited input from John Dudley and Levi Morgan, two of the best archers on the planet who have occupied the apex of both the target and hunting worlds for over a decade.

The Carbonic sight features:

- 6” carbon fiber dovetail mounting bar with machined aluminum inset

- Matching carbon/aluminum tower with integrated frame level

- Quick adjust elevation button located at the front of the tower

- .002” windage and elevation adjustments

- Zero “backlash” windage tread system designed to eliminate the play found in competitors

- Micro adjust 2nd and 3rd axis

- Laser etched aluminum elevation plate

- Positive click extension and elevation positioning

- Interchangeable top and bottom knob positions

The scope (featured in all of the photos you see) is also a hybrid carbon/aluminum design that features a removable carbon sun shade and a single pin that can be mounted at the 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions as well as 45 degree angles, granting the shooter more pin positions options than any other sight currently on the market. The scope can also accept older lens styles.

the Fury (pictured below) is Sure-Loc's budget offering to the Carbonic. No word yet on the exact price of each model though it would probably be safe to assume both sights will at least be in the upper $200 range given all of the time, materials, and features that have gone into them. A quick look at both sights and you might not even be able to tell them apart. That's because the Fury shares all of the same features as the Carbonic but has an aluminum tower that does not include an integrated frame level. Additionally, the quick adjustment elevation button is located on the side of the tower rather than the front. The only downside to the Fury's aluminum tower is that your vertical adjustment is limited by screw holes vs. the Carbonic which utilizes a fully adjustable track. According to Sure-Loc’s website, both sights will weigh in just over 9oz and come in in red, green, blue, grey, and orange. Depending on the difference in price point, the Fury might prove a preferred option if all there is to loose is some vertical adjustment and the integrated level.

In addition to the target models you see pictured throughout this article, there will also be a hunting model of both sights. It's not clear whether this will also drop in June. Last we checked there are no photos of the final version of the hunting scope available on Sure-Loc's website and there hasn't been much confirmed from Sure-Loc reps aside from the fact that it will be available in a 5 pin setup. Judging by rare glimpses of the prototype scopes we've seen on Levi Morgan and John Dudley's Instagram pages, the sight will feature micro-adjust pins, a large bubble level, and a funnel like shape to aid aiming and alignment.

The reasons for the release date being repeatedly pushed back has reportedly been due to production issues with the sights unique carbon wrapped aluminum frame design. Representatives from both FeraDyne and Sure-Loc have said that they don’t want to release this sight until they are confident in its consistent production quality and that they can offer the sights at a competitive price. It is clear that the goal of the Carbonic and Fury is to re-invigorate the Sure-Loc name and once again make it synonymous with the highest standard of quality and design. As consumers we are extremely happy to hear that. A lot of new sights have entered the market since the Carbonic was announced last year but there is no denying that it still posses a unique design and ergonomics and features that will make it competitive with other top offerings from brands like Axcel, Spot Hogg, and CBE. That is, so long as Sure-Loc delivers on their once legendary reliability and quality. 

For more photos and info check out

And below is a video of Sure-Loc's Matt Haas and John Dudley of Nock On TV talking over some of the finer points of both the Carbonic and Fury.




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