60 Second Bow Setup

AJ Iaquinta

This is a high-level step by step and for sure not all encompassing. This is also assuming your bow is correctly in spec which I probably should have made step 1... (check axle to axle, pulling weight, brace height, etc...)

The basic steps are pretty much the same regardless but the details and order will vary slightly depending on the bow and accessories (limb driven vs cable driven rests. Center shot vs upper half risers. Different cam systems, etc..)

There are tons of little details and sub-processes and based on some of the common questions I get in comments and DM's I'll definitely need do a more detailed video next time I build up a bow. But for now I hope this helps and if you want a deeper dive checkout content from the industries apex predators: John Dudley Aron Snyder Levi Morgan

My Dad always taught me whatever I do find the best and learn from them. I'm an analyst not an athlete. I have my little niche and I'm always happy to share what I've learned but the gentlemen listed above are on a completely other level in terms of their resumes and catalogs of educational content they've created.

Obsessing over their videos and podcasts is where I started. You'll find each shooter has the same fundamental processes but they each take slightly different variations and considerations into account when assembling their rigs. Applying these lessons significantly drops the learning curve for those just getting into working in their own setups.

If you're new to this and still feel like you're tumbling down the rabbit hole, that's ok. Enjoy the process, learn from the best, make mistakes and always move forward.

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