Multi Pin Sights

AJ Iaquinta

Below are some thoughts on some of the most popular top of the line Multi Pin Sights. All of the sights listed feature dovetail mounts and multiple pin scopes which are features we prefer on our sights because of the flexibility and ease of tuning, setup, and transportation they afford. Multiple pins make for quicker shots. Dovetails allow us to move the sight closer or farther from the riser for the perfect sight picture and make sight removal and re-installation quick and precise for travel. And slider sights are great because they allow you to practice out to distances beyond your typical hunting shots which go a long way towards building confidence.

Links to purchase each of the sights are also below. They are Amazon affiliate links and to be honest I am not sure how I feel about it. I do get a small kickback when you all use these links but I would much prefer to keep the sales in the industry vs. driving traffic to Amazon so I will be looking for a shop or distributor to partner with in the future. In the meantime these small kickbacks help fund this site and the cameras, microphones, batteries, editing software etc... needed to produce this content. 

So thank you all for your support! 

 CBE Engage


Spot Hogg Faste Eddie XL


Black Gold Pro Sights


Axcel Truball Accutouch (w/ Accustat i)


HHA King Pin



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