Black Rifle Coffee Company; Coffee Club Review

AJ Iaquinta

I am not going to pretend to be a coffee connoisseur. Every day I wake up, make breakfast and watch hunting videos on my couch with a large cup of coffee in hand. Now when you drink your coffee black there isn’t a whole lot of nuance too it. At least not for my untrained palate. For me, great black coffee has historically been anything that doesn’t make my face recoil in bitter disgust. But that being said I have found myself really enjoying Black Rifle Coffee (“BRCC”) more than my typical cup o’ joe and have been drinking their blends exclusively for the past seven months.

Black Rifle Coffee Company produces premium small-batch, roast to order and imports their high quality beans primarily from Colombia & Brazil. BRCC ships directly to their customers. No middle man. You know how much we are a fan of this business model. All BRCC blends are available in whole bean or ground and their just Black is also available in "K-Cups."

A Veteran owned and operated company founded in 2014 by former Special Operations warriors Evan Hafer and Mat Best, BRCC is openly supportive of the Veteran and Law Enforcement communities. The company often hosts charity competitions and fund raisers in support of these groups. When news broke recently that a Starbucks employee had asked some police officers to leave the store after a guest complained that their presence made them feel “unsafe” CEO Evan Hafer responded not only in public vocal support of the LEO community but offered free coffee at any BRCC location (the company has headquarters in both Salt Lake City, UT and San Antonio, TX) and renewed the company’s “buy a bag, give a bag” initiative where BRCC will donate one bag of BRCC coffee to LEO organizations for every bag sold on their site.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mat Best, Evan Hafer, and recently appointed Co-CEO Tom Davin (who is a former Recon Marine) at the Total Archery Challenge event in Park City, UT this past month. Could not have been a nicer or funnier group of guys. Disclaimer; that's the extent of my relationship with BRCC. No sponsorship here though I did take advantage of all the free coffee they gave away... 

BRCC brought an entire crew to TAC including their LMTV (Light/Medium Tactical Vehicle) mobile coffee bar loaded out with giant speakers. Because 'Murica! BRCC provided free coffee and tea the entire weekend at both the Utah and Montana TAC events. The staff could not have been cooler. I could have spent half the weekend just BS-ing at the BRCC tents. Just great people with a great product.  

I first heard about BRCC through social media. Mat Best and some of the other BRCC Team have been putting out some hilarious content for years and his “How Too...” videos on Youtube are how I first became aware of Matt and his involvement in BRCC. When John Dudley of Nock On Archery collaborated with BRCC to release his own blend I bought a bag, mostly to support the Nock On Nation but I was legitimately impressed with the taste.

While I enjoy coffee I am no aficionado. But this bag of Nocked and Loaded roast gave me the feels and not just in an over caffeinated shaky kind of way. Fast forward a few months and my lovely Mom was nice enough to get me a subscription to BRCC as a Christmas gift. Move over Easton and First Lite, Mom was our first sponsor… So far I think I have tried just about every roast in BRCC’s arsenal. The AK 47 Espresso Roast, Silencer Smooth and Nocked and Loaded have been my favorites in no particular order. Word to the wise, ease into some of the stronger blends like the Freedom Roast. It is strong and it will liberate your bowels. #YouCantHandleThisFreedom.

So would I renew my coffee club subscription once my free membership runs out? I would. I love coming home once a month and finding a box wrapped in BRCC logo tape, opening it up and trying whatever new coffee they sent me. The coffee club offers BRCC roasts at a discount rate. You choose the amount and blends you want, which BRCC offers at a discount price and they ship directly to your door every month. So it is kind of a no brainer for me. It’s a quality product with quality people behind it and that is exactly where I want to invest my hard earned money.  

To learn more about the company, sign up for the Black Rifle Coffee Club, or just pick up some other 2A/coffee themed merch you can checkout their Website:

And if you are interested in John Dudley’s Nocked and Loaded Roast is available directly through the Nock On website:


- AJ

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