CHAMA Chairs All-Terrain Swivel Chair Review

AJ Iaquinta

What Yeti did for coolers CHAMa has done for the hunting/camp chair. They took a necessary but often undervalued piece of equipment, re and over-engineered it to be more robust, ergonomic, functional, silent, and just all around cool. The result is the 'Iron Throne' of hunting chairs.

Having been busted and irritated on quite a few hunts by uncomfortable and noisy seats I was immediately intrigued by CHAMA and had been following the company on social media for some time before I ever got a chance to pop a squat in one of their chairs. When CHAMA heard I was going to be at the Total Archery Challenge event in Killington, VT they reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to share any photos I took while I was at TAC. CHAMA was an event sponsor of the Total Archery Challenge in 2019 and if you were at any of these events you no doubt saw several vendors rocking these bad ass bum cradles in their booths. There was also a CHAMA chair featured at the Safari novelty shoot which is where I got my first look and hands on experience with it.

I was genuinely looking forward to taking some shots from their Cordura throne and happily agreed to send them any pictures and feedback I had. I have been in touch with different people from CHAMA ever since and they are some awesome folks. At the time this review is published I have no official association with the company. I did let my buddies over there know I would be releasing a review after I ordered my own chair (which I paid for in full) and they were kind enough to set up a promo code for all of you KOTA Crew readers. Which is pretty cool! Chama is the first company to offer this to KOTA readers and I appreciate being able to pass on some savings to all of you. So if you use “KOTA15” at checkout you will get 15% off your entire order and FREE shipping. Oh and disclaimer, they did send me a free hat but I don’t anticipate that swaying this review in any way ;)

My CHAMA Chair arrived at my door step in a very well designed cardboard box covered end to end in logos and product feature descriptions. Out of the box the chair comes in a very well thought out and durable travel case made from the same 1000 denier UV, water, and tear resistant fabric used in the seat and back rest. The case features YKK zippers with para cord pull tabs, an adjustable padded shoulder strap, two exterior side pockets, and a small sleeve pocket on the bottom of the case with two adjustable straps sewn in above it. I found this case extremely nifty for range sessions. I could fit my range finder and a small water bottle in one of the side pockets and the sleeve pocket and straps works quite well for a small quiver.  

Three telescopic chair legs sit on the pivoting duck feet made of polymer which permit the chair’s user to adjust both height and seat angle for a comfortably and secure shooting platform even on uneven ground. The feet of the chair have a rubber bottom which makes them nice and quiet in a blind but also just as at home on a boat deck where you won’t have to worry about scratching the deck. One of the more pelagic members of the KOTA Crew is especially excited to run one of these on the bow of their boat during fishing trips.

The three legs of the chair lead up to a quiet 360 degree swivel seat. The swivel has a frame capable of locking out thus securing the three support arms of the seat in a fixed position. This eliminates the annoying “hammock” effect created by other folder chairs, where the weight of your body causes the seat to fold around you. The 360 degree swivel is both smooth and silent making it awesome for hunting but also virtually every other activity you may want a chair. We’ve taken our CHAMA Chair straight from the range to the beach and it’s proven equally well suited for each. It also prompted quite a few “dizy bat” style drinking games…

Unlike other camp chairs which have a square seat that is convenient for folding but less than ergonomic for anyone other the Sponge Bob Square Pants, CHAMA chairs triangle seat allows you to comfortable spread your legs which also helps facilitate a stable base when shooting seated. No more sinking into the middle of your camp chair, crushing your man bits and struggling to sit upright. The chair also stands a bit taller than some other folding chairs which makes it easier to get in and out of. This is especially nifty for older shooters or those with back problems. We will definitely be purchasing one for our Gramps come the season. After all, he busted his butt taking us kids hunting with him for so many years. The least we can do is provide that butt a comfortable place to park. The women of the KOTA Crew also noted that this chair was more accommodating of their curvy figures than other folding chair designs. Though the triangular sitting position was less than lady like… (#ManSpread). So the CHAMA chair isn’t exactly appropriate for cocktail dresses and formal dinner parties but we can live with that.

The back of the chair can be easily removed or installed and simply clicks into two holes in the seat of the chair. Press the locking tabs from the bottom and the back can be quickly and easily removed and stored in one of the side pockets of the chairs bag.

I’ve had the CHAMA chair for a little over a month and we’ve taken it on pretty much every range session, beach outing, and picnic we’ve had. Like our Yeti coolers, we were initially skeptical that we had enough of a demand to justify the price but immediately this chair has become a staple piece of gear for every adventure. When it’s not in the corner of the KOTA Cave acting as a work/lounge chair it is in its case in the back of the car ready for the next activity. Expect to see our CHAMA chair making cameos in photos and videos from the ground blinds to the beaches for a long time to come.  

You can check CHAMA chair via their website below and don't forget to use PROMO CODE: KOTA15 for 15% off your entire order and free shipping.

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