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AJ Iaquinta

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 The team over at Bonus Ring sent me a few of these little fellas to test out (there is your disclaimer) These are an awesome and inexpensive little device that work great for making scope housings more visible.

A little bit of sun exposure and they will hold onto that light and put out a faint glow which makes lining up the sights a little easier in those final hours of legal shooting.

So far I've used them on my Spot Hogg Fast Eddie and found I liked the combo of single ring and Bonus Ring more than the Multi Ring provided by Spot Hogg. By combining the yellow Spot Hogg ring with an orange Bonus Ring, my eye was able to pick up on this contrast easier and orientate the scope in my peep with less effort.

This is a great accessory for those who need a more visible scope housing or those who find they have too much dead space in their peep (i.e. their scope is much smaller than their peep) and want to fill that gap without loosing the light gathering benefits of shooting a larger peep.

The thick rubber material also helps with vibration dampening and those shooters who run a longer dovetail might feel some of those benefits.

Because Bonus Rings are simply a rubber ring they won't work on every sight but fit great on round housings like HHA, Spot Hogg, and Axel.

I posted a short story on my feed the other night and I was genuinely surprised by the volume of questions I got about these. I'm still messing with them but I don't see any downside to them so far. You'll either find them useful or you won't but at $10 this is an inexpensive accessory that can have tremendous benefits. I also like the way they look, which is never a bad bonus (see what I did there?)

Bonus rings come in a variety of colors and retail for $10 on their website. Check them out at;

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