KOTA Christmas List

This is for all the hunters out there and the people who love them but never know what to buy them. And considering Christmas is less than two weeks away this is for those last minute procrastinators too.

I will concede us hunters can be notoriously difficult to shop for. We usually have a running list of gear we “need” but trying to surprise us can be tricky because we tend to be very particular about our kit. There is nothing worse than giving or receiving a gift that will never be used. In an effort to save you from purchasing a gift for the hunter in your life that will likely end up un-used or on ebay I compiled a list of unique gift ideas. I got reflective with this list, and compiled it by combing through every saved websites and Instagram post of cool kit I saved over the past year and that I have either bought and used, gifted, or would just want for myself. These are all items that are both helpful and cool and that most hunters probably wouldn’t think to buy or at least wouldn’t splurge on for themselves. Hopefully there is at least one item on this list to fit any budget and any discerning hunter you might be shopping for.


Custom Arrow Wraps ($9.99 - $24.99)

If you are a bowhunter you can never have enough arrows and with practice inevitably comes busted nocks, lost vanes, and torn arrow wraps. So by association, you can never have enough arrow wraps either. Wraps are an inexpensive way to customize arrows and make a great gift because there are so many options out there.  You can pick a style that fits the hunter you are shopping for or go out on a limb and get something that will remind them of you every time they nock an arrow. It is not a common gift but one they will no doubt appreciate. And if they don’t currently take the time to build their own arrows this might just be the kick in the butt they needed to start.  

If you are looking for a completely custom design or to order the KOTA wraps (pictured below) we recommend you hit up our boy Kyle from DCA custom arrows at 317-627-0909 and ask for the KOTA wraps or talk to him about creating your own custom design.


Hawk Mega Extendable Tree Arm ($27.99)

If you hunt out of or near a tree you can never have enough ways to hang your bow and gear. Hawk makes our favorite accessories for doing so. Doesn’t really need more of an explanation than that. If you buy it, they will use it.


Right Release ($29.95 – $34.95)

The Right Release is a simple yet brilliant little device designed to aid in practicing the release process. Made from a wooden grip and some BCY #24 string, the Right Release can be adjusted to simulate your exact draw length with simple adjustments. Until recently I was using a ghetto rigged DIY version of a made from an old grip and some D loop but man do I wish I had just gotten one of these to begin with. This little device is small enough to go everywhere with you and makes the perfect stocking stuffer for the obsessed archer in your life and is especially great for those new to the sport or new to back tension style releases might not have time to get the reps in at the range with an actual bow. This is one of those gifts that they may look at you and say "oh... cool" and then find themselves playing with non-stop weeks later.


Tyto Knives ($60.00 - $125.00)

The knife is a staple piece of kit for every outdoors-men and most carry more than one. Rather than dull up our dedicated workhorse pocket knives we’ve recently moved toward replaceable blade designs for gutting and skinning game. The coolest and most minimalist knife we have found has been from Tyto. Their unique skeletonized design not only looks cool but is extremely lightweight, made here in the USA, and comes in a variety of colors.


Bourbon Barrel Calls ($89.99 - $124.99)

Finally the perfect gift for the bourbon drinking turkey killer in your life. The name says it all. Bourbon Barrel Calls are turkey calls constructed from reclaimed bourbon barrels. You can even get the calls customized with a personalized message or logo. And should your recipient be one of the KOTA crew we provided a Vector file for your convenience below. Just copy and paste ;)


Sitka Bow Sling ($89.00)

A bow sling is one of those accessories as a bowhunter that you never realize you could benefit from until you have one and then you wonder why you never thought if it before… It’s an accessory most bowhunters overlook but end up valuing and for that reason it makes the perfect gift! In our experience, Sitka makes the best bowsling there is. It will stretch to fit all modern compound hunting bows and is designed to cover a bow’s cams, strings and cables and comes with thick padding to further protect cams. This sling also features integrated sight and vane covers which conveniently stow away in their own pockets when not in use. We find ourselves using our Sitka bowsling constantly. Whether we are walking into our stands, jumping in and out of trucks and ATV’s, or even stowing our bows in their cases for a long trip, the Sitka bowsling adds another layer of protection for our most precious piece of hunting equipment.


And finally, some shameless plugs for us and our partners ;). But seriously, these make really great gifts and these companies do a lot to support the site and all of the content we put out. Website, videos, equipment, and stuff to review takes more time and money than most people realize (definitely more than we did) and we could not do it without the help of companies like Easton, Sevr and CHAMA. Supporting them also supports us but beyond that we partnered with these companies because we truly do love their products and the people behind the scenes making them. 

SEVR Broadheads ($13.99)

You know that old timer who can’t keep up with technology and refuses to believe mechanical broadheads could have possibly advanced at all in the past decade? Maybe they are someone who continues to struggle to tune their fixed blades? Well SEVR’s are the perfect way to introduce these stubborn S.O.B.’s to 2019 broadhead technology.

These heads feature rear deploying blades which lock and pivot upon opening which allows they to cut around harder objects like bones rather than deflect off of them. They come in 2.1, 1.7, and 1.5” cutting diameters and either 100 or 125 grain. Perhaps best of all you can purchase custom quantities so you can buy as few or as many as fits your budget or that you deem the recipient worthy ;) If you aren’t sure which model to buy, I would recommend going with the tried and true 100 grain Ti 2.1. If the hunter on your list has been a really good girl or boy then maybe get them one of each model and let them experiment. We have used these heads on hogs, whitetails, turkeys, and even an iguana, and have never been let down. They are truly field point accurate and their practice mode allows you to use them without worrying about deploying the blades which is be a real confidence booster for when you finally do bring them into the woods.


CHAMA Chair ($169.95) 15% OFF & FREE Shipping with COUPON CODE: KOTA15

How do you repay your hunting mentors? Those old sage’s who think about nothing else but spending time in God’s country and invested so much time and energy into taking you under their wing and cultivating your own passion for what they hold so dear. Maybe it is your grandfather, father, or just a good buddy. Well one way you could repay them would be to buy them the most bad ass hunting chair available. Give these kings or Queens a proper throne to rest their keester on once they get to the ground blind or dove field. They will no doubt appreciate it. Oh, and use COUPON CODE: KOTA15 at checkout for 15% off and free shipping.


KOTA Swag ($2.50 - $34.99)

If you found this list at all helpful, if you are even remotely entertained by my content and if you want to support this site then get yourself some KOTA swag. It will not only be a great holiday gift for the archer in your life but I would consider it a personal Christmas gift to me as well. Everything from decals to long sleeves are 20% off when you use KOTACHRISTMAS at checkout.



Happy Holidays,

From AJ (KOTA Content Creator) and the rest of the KOTA Crew.

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