Ex-Okie Custom Knobs

AJ Iaquinta

Hand held release aids are becoming increasingly modular straight from the factory but when it comes to the thumb knobs themselves what you see is usually what you get. Fortunately for us Ex-Okie Custom Knobs manufacture some of the highest quality aluminum or brass knobs on the market. Owned and operated by retiree couple Barbara and Vernie Broyles, Ex-Okie knobs are available in medium or coarse knurl, and in a variety of sizes up to 1” in diameter (3/8” and ½” being their most popular sellers for hinge or resistance releases and 3/4" their most popular for thumb triggers). After seeing quite a few shooters rocking these on Instagram I decided to put in my own order and upgrade the knobs on my Nock 2 It and 2 Smooth releases. I chose the 1” diameter knob for my Nock 2 It trigger release and the ½” for my 2 smooth hinge release. I ordered both in aluminum with coarse knurl. 

Larger Ex-Okie knobs next to the stock knobs.


Putting a larger knob on my 2 Smooth has been long overdue. I have medium sized hands and my release is set pretty hot which means I have to be diligent on my draw to maintain pressure on the thumb barrel to prevent the release from rotating and unintentionally firing. The larger barrel and adjustable angle of the Ex-Okie knob gives me more leverage which makes drawing a 70# bow noticeably easier.

The coarse knurl of these knobs also has its advantages. The feel is more aggressive than the stock knobs but not to the point where they are uncomfortable. The larger, deeper knurls provide strikingly more feedback as you build pressure on the release and pull through your shots. When shooting my Nock 2 It, I feel like this increases my perception of when my shots are breaking and allows me to better call my hits. This aggressive texture is also great on those hot and sweaty days when you need that extra grip or those frigid late season hunts when you might be wearing gloves.

Ex-Okie knobs are great accessories for your favorite release aids. You can check out more Ex-Okie Custom Knobs on their Instagram @exokiecustomknobs or email questions and orders to Barbara Broyles,

In addition to making some top quality products Barbara and Vernie have a wealth of knowledge and experience and can help you decide which knob option is right for you.


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