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2020 Flagship Model First Impressions!

AJ Iaquinta

Tags Axius, Black Series, Bowtech, Hoyt, Mach 1, Mathews, NXT 31, Prime, Revolt, RX-4, VXR 28, VXR 31.5

2020 Flagship Model First Impressions!

All of the 2020 flagship models from the major manufacturers are now out! Below are our thoughts on the models we have shot so far. Keep in mind these are our first impressions. We have had limited time with each bow though we did purchase a VXR 28 and PSE NXT 31 so expect in depth reviews of those bows to follow. We'll likely also cover Hoyt's new offerings in more depth over the coming months simply because of all of the flack they have been receiving (both legitimate and unwarranted) and feel this deserves further examination once emotions have...