'The Terminal List' Book Review

AJ Iaquinta

This article is a bit of a stray from the beaten path of the typical KOTA review but being that I absolutely loved this book and the fact that the author; Jack Carr, is an advocate for topics like the 2nd amendment, hunting, conservation, the veteran and active duty communities among other worthy causes, it felt remiss to not grant The Terminal List its due spotlight.

For those of you unfamiliar with Carr he describes himself as an author, Navy Seal, and outdoorsman and his experience and passion for these pursuits is evidenced throughout the book. Hunters will recognize Easter eggs of favorite gear sprinkled throughout this novel. Mentions of equipment from companies like Sitka, Black Rifle Coffee, and Swarovski read like cameos of favorite friends rather than product plugs. The method by which Carr introduces these details makes it abundantly clear that their inclusion was written by a man who's lived and breathed this stuff rather than someone who simply researched it. Even the sections of material redacted by the Pentagon, which Carr chose to include in the book as blacked out segments, only add to the mystique of this story and the legitimacy of the man who penned the tale. 

So if you are looking for a great summer read, throw your favorite gear on, find a cozy sniper hide and get ready to binge out! The Terminal List follows Navy SEAL Commander James Reece on his revenge mission across the US where he exacts justice on the conspirators who killed his teammates via the generous application of asymmetrical warfare tactics learned over a long and violent career.

Carr went full send on his debut novel. The Terminal List is a thriller in the truest sense that will pull at your emotions and leave you wanting more. I cannot recall the last work of fiction that gripped my attention like this. I finished it on a single flight back from Europe. I don't even remember eating on the plane... As soon as I finished it I wanted more. Good news is Carr's sequel 'True Believer's was cleared by the Pentagon for publishing and is expected to hit shelves July 30th.

The Terminal List is available in hard copy, paperback, and digital download from Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Google Play store and virtually anywhere else you purchase books these days. 

And be sure to check out more about Jack Carr, his background, and other works on his website:

Or purchase the Terminal List, his newest Thriller True Believer, or pre-order his upcoming novel for 2020; Savage Son through the below links

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